The Power of CGL – Constant Growth and Learning

Today we’re taking a look at an attitude which is essential in mastering this life. It not only applies to any business you perform but also to your private life. Constantly growing and learning is a major key in getting the best out of this life. We never know all the answers and we can never know it all – this is why CGL is so important. No matter what stage you are in your life and how old you are, you don’t know it all.

Here's a short story which I came across in the Book "Laws of Winners" by the German Entrepreneur and Author Bodo Schäfer:
According to an ancient Indian story, God first created a clam and put it on the bottom of the ocean. The clam didn't live an exciting life. All day long she did nothing else but opening her mouth, rinsing some water, and closing her mouth. This was her daily business and there was nothing else for her to do than open mouth, close mouth, open mouth, close mouth...
Then God created the Eagle. He gave him the freedom to fly and ascend to the highest mountain tops. There were no limits for the Eagle. However, he had to pay a price: every day he had to fight for survival. Nothing was ever handed to him, if he wanted to feed his offspring, he had to eventually hunt for days to gather enough food. But he loved to pay this price.
God then created the Human and showed him both the clam and the eagle and then gave him the freedom to choose which life he would want to live.

Diversifying your Knowledge

If you are building a business then you might not put your focus on solely one aspect of the business but rather look at all the variables that make the equation.

A Car consists of several gears like the engine, the brakes, the wheels, the steering wheel, etc. and the same goes for any business out there. You don’t have to be a jack of all trades to succeed but it is definitely helpful if you know more than just the surface of something.

As an Owner of a Retail-Store for example, it is not enough to just know how to sell things. You should also consider psychology, human consumer behavior, product placement, marketing, dealing with complaints and so on.

This simple and banal example shows what I’m trying to explain. There’s more to it than simply selling a product. Through constantly growing and learning you are building invaluable skills to leverage your business.

Leverage means scaling your input to yield a bigger output. In our example, this could be multiplying the amount of daily customer through smart marketing strategies which will lead to a bigger profit.

But we can apply this to any business out there and even expand it to our daily lives. There are dozens of aspects of our lives where we can and should build some more knowledge. And thanks to our digital age the needed information is often only a few clicks away.

We can literally learn a new skill by simply pushing a button on some device. We have a tireless supply of information in the world-wide-web and most of it is accessible for free.

There have never been greater times to be alive and to those of us who are blessed to profit from the technical advantage have a priceless tool at our disposal.

From learning how to code over making your own hippie feel-good-organic-vegan-yoga-fruit-smoothies, almost everything is to be found on the internet!

CGL is taking care of yourself

Have you ever observed kids whilst they are playing and exploring? They are proof that it is in our human nature to constantly grow and learn.

Kids are always on to something and they love to roam around freely so they can discover new things. They are avid learners and are curious about bettering their skills. As you might have witnessed, they don’t fear obstacles and take risks.

They constantly learn and grow and seem to have an abundant supply of energy, but where does it come from?

This is simply to be explained but a bit more difficult to accept: they are highly energized because they do what they love.

The Truth about Tiredness is that it doesn’t come from hard work but rather from unpleasing and uninspiring tasks. Saying “I’m feeling sick and tired of X or Y” doesn’t relate to things you enjoy doing but from things you dread doing.

The more you do things you don’t like to do, the more “tired” you become.

Just take a look at the people around you that come across your daily life.

If you see adults that look tired and desperate you know that this is because they are not learning and growing – they are simply passing by. They might think about how to spend their time the best way (what TV-Show to watch, what Pizza to order, what Videogame to play etc.) but they don’t look particularly happy.

This is because unfulfilled desires take away our joy for life.

Take some time to reflect and think about how you could improve your current situation.

Is there any skill you would like to develop or better? Is there some new language you would like to learn? Are there interesting courses and seminars around your town you could visit?

It doesn’t even have to be something that directly affects your daily life. Maybe you just want to learn about something out of sheer curiosity – just like a kid does!

PS: for more Information on Scheduling your time, check out this Blogpost I created a couple of Weeks ago.

Standstill is Overkill

A Company grows or decreases.

If you try to keep a certain level you are doomed to lose. You can either grow and learn to improve your value or you can stand still and lose customers. It is exactly like Bodybuilding: you train every single day and get stronger step by step but if you decide to simply quit building then soon your progress is doomed and will be lost.

It requires constant reaffirmation and dedication to stay up to date. Remember the story about the clam and the eagle? Luckily we have the gift to decide every single day (assuming we are so blessed to see another day) if we want to live like the clam or live like the eagle.

What we should never ever do is quitting – because Standstill is Overkill.

Deciding to not expand and adapt to the new levels you are about to reach when you are on the journey of CGL means overkill to yourself and your potential business.

Like I stated earlier, it’s not about becoming a jack of all trades but rather about knowing enough so you understand what you are doing and why things are working the way they are.

As a Self-Employed Business Owner, you might give a hoot about accounting but if you don’t know how to read and interpret your numbers how will you ever be able to come to an informed conclusion for your next steps?

You don’t have to become an expert in accounting but understanding the basics so you know that your so-called “experts” are doing will help you tremendously.

Not only does CGL help you in becoming a more responsible and credible individual, it only helps you to protect yourself from scammers and tricksters out there who are only after your money!

They can’t fool you if you know what they are talking about (this could apply to the investment-landscape where so many people are just handing their money to so-called experts who are only interested in their managing fees – but I get that this would totally shoot over the moon to cover this subject in this article).

Bottom Line: Stay Hungry to Be Free.

Last but not least: Slow Progress is still Progress!

Now I get that you might be overwhelmed with the information you have just read and you might already think ” but I don’t have time to learn anything new”. Before you read any further, be sure to check out my Post on managing your time.

What do you think is more effective: doing something for 30 minutes a day or doing something once for 3 Hours per Week?

You might think that with the latter you probably get more done as you have a prolonged period but you are forgetting about the power of repetition! Our brains are an incredible and powerful miracle of nature but they are not flawless.

Most of the time we tend to forget what we have learned after just 24 hours – this is why it is so much more effective to repeat something for a smaller amount of time on a daily basis.

Only by adding the necessary repetition we can make something truly last. Plus, by breaking down into smaller steps we not only make the outcome seem more possible but also easier to achieve because we tackle it step by step.

In order to write a sentence, you will first have to learn about the alphabet. Then you learn to write one letter after another.

You will soon reach the point where you are able to write words, and sooner than later you are able to write whole sentences without any extra effort.

Break down your Task into smaller steps and even the most daunting challenge seems feasible- this is the power of slow but constant progress!

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty” – Henry Ford

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4 thoughts on “The Power of CGL – Constant Growth and Learning

  1. afolabi anumicheal says:

    Thanks for writing this article on constant growth and learning, I must commend you for a job well done for taking your time to write this post. It such an informative and educative one for a young business entrepreneur like this life it really important to keep on learning new things daily in other to be successful because one way or the other want we learn is going to have effect on our life now or in the nearest future.learning  take process and each of the process must not be rush in other for the learning to be effective because slow and steady wins the race 

    1. Simon says:

      Hi Afolabi,

      Thanks for your comment! I really enjoy writing and compiling articles like this because they add to may daily CGL-Implementation. I can not stress the importance of CGL enough because it is really about the constant repetition that leaves powerful traces. I noticed myself that by just reading a book once I don’t really get the most of it, maybe yes some concepts stick with me but it is not enough that’s why I read it again. I wish you lots of success in your journey as an entrepreneur and make sure you check out my website again for more inspiration!

  2. Tracy cole says:

    This article is exceptionally rich in information, this is an exhaustive and helpful article indeed! I must commend you for taking your time to experience every action to revealing these secrets. This is an eye opener for me because i am just getting to know about CGL constant growth and learning. Thanks for sharing this insightful article

    1. Simon says:

      Hi Tracy,

      Thank you for your comment. I hope that you can make the best out of CGL and apply it to your daily life! Stay tuned for more practical tips and of course, God Bless!


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