The #1 Secret to Success and Wealth

Now there are probably thousands of so-called Secrets to Success out there and the longer you look for them, the more you will find. But today we’re going to discuss a simple “Secret” that is so powerful that it can truly change the course of your life. It’s something you probably already knew so don’t be too surprised. The reason why it is still called a “Secret” is that it is not talked about in the corporate world. What matters in the corporate world is doing the job, matching the numbers and not asking too many questions.

Does that sound like a recipe for success and wealth to you?

In this world, there are leaders and there are followers. The leaders are the ones who have power and control and who can stand on their own (in most cases). The followers are those who are dependent on the leaders because, without them, they wouldn’t have anyone to follow around. A leader is not necessarily somebody that has a high-ranking position in a company because leading and being in charge are two different pairs of shoes.

Leading simply means providing direction and guiding. You can be the leader of your own life or you can be the follower of someone else’s life – the choice is up to you. It doesn’t take anything more to lead than the will to do so. If you are ready to be in the driver’s seat of your life – you are ready to lead. If you would rather let somebody else be in the driver’s seat of your life then good luck with that. You can’t tell where they are headed next and how fast they ride. Neither can you assure that they care for your safety? Again, the choice is up to you – do you wanna be the leader or the follower?

If you decided to be the leader, great, stay with us and continue reading. If not, it’s probably better you close this page and do something else.

The Secret: Work harder on yourself than you do on your Job

This idea comes from the great Jim Rohn – one of the most influential positive thinkers of the modern age.

That’s all there is. Just work harder on yourself than you do on your Job. A Job provides you with an income and with an income you can pay bills and have some fun – which is nice. But working on yourself can provide you with profit and with profit, you can do much more – which is amazing. Don’t worry too much about your Job, focus on yourself and make yourself more valuable. If you are more valuable, you can collect more profits. If you do a better job, you might increase your income slightly but it is always capped. Profit is never capped.

If you want to create profit – work on yourself.

Now it is possible to earn 20$ an hour by working on a job. It is also possible to earn 40$ an hour by working on a job. But is it possible to earn 100$ an hour by working on a job? Probably not, maybe in the right industry with years of experience and dozens of certificates and also doing night shifts. But let’s say no. Is it possible to earn 20$ in profits per hour? Absolutely. Is it also possible to earn 100$ in profits per hour? Absolutely. This could go on and on, but what we’re trying to outline here is that whilst you can not multiply your income by even 5 – you can easily multiply your profits by 5, or 10, even by 100 if you want to.

Just google for “highest hourly salary” or “highest hourly wage” and you will find dozens of tables and charts which will feature the jobs with the highest hourly salaries. You’ll find anything from as low as 10$ an hour up to 90$ an hour. Now to the same with “highest profit per hour” – be sure to sit firmly because these numbers will probably blow you away.

We’ve extracted a chart from Business Insider to show you the numbers:

Some of these people make more per hour than most will ever make in a year or even a lifetime. This is shocking but also quite interesting, isn’t it? Now we don’t expect that you become the next Jeff Bezos or the next Elon Musk, not at all, all we ask is to think about this fact. You can earn profits per hour that by far exceed what wages can do in an entire year.

But how?

By working harder on yourself than you do on your job. Working on yourself means reading the books, going to the seminars and communicating with the people that can help you achieve your goals. It means listening to the podcasts that cover the topic of your interest. It means taking good care of your body and eating well whilst also thinking about being active. It means consciously reflect on your strengths and weaknesses.

It means jumping over your shadow and confront people who’ve achieved what you want to achieve and ask them some questions – most of them are eager to tell you! This is simply because most people are too afraid to ask such questions, they might be ashamed or think they won’t get an answer anyway. Don’t be like this!

It means coming up with a goal you want to achieve instead of just wondering about what could be. It means turning that dream you have into a reality and do whatever it takes to make it come true. It means not just talking about ideas but actually executing them.

It also means being ready for sacrifices. It means getting up early and staying up late. It means sacrificing those nights out for working on your goals. It means giving up on the people who are not good for you. It means cutting the ties to things, habits, and people that only hold you back. We’re not talking about giving up all your friends overnight and being a lone wolf, just make up your mind and think about which relationships in your life are actually helping you get better and which aren’t. If you’ve figured this out, just spend less time with the ones that are not good for you. You can still be friends and you can and should still hold these people dearly in your heart.
Just because you’re not on the same path doesn’t mean you can’t be friends.

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself

-Leo Tolstoy-

Bottom Line

Success is possible, anytime and anywhere. Success is already in your reach. Actually, you are witnessing success every single day! Don’t believe it?

You managed to wake up this morning and get out of bed – success!

You managed to get dressed and have breakfast with your loved ones – success!

You managed to go to work and do your job – success!

You ended up on this website and read this article – success!

Success is something we all experience. The problem is that we take all these things for granted. We take our friends and family for granted, we take food for granted, we take access to water for granted. The truth is, none of these things are guaranteed. Not even your next day is guaranteed, so if you are lucky enough to live another day you are already hugely successful!

Now that you know that it is easy to be successful will you work on yourself? Working on yourself can be easy, because whatever you think you are capable of is “easy”. It can also be hard, but only if you think it has to be hard. You’ve realized that success is something easy, so why not be a little more successful?

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful

-Albert Schweizer-

Share your opinion about this topic or experience with it in the comment section below! Also, if you are dedicated to work on yourself write it down and let the community see that you are all in!

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