The Importance of ALWAYS being Ready

Today I want to talk about being ready. I mean always being ready. Ready for whatever. Because you can not plan out life, yes you can imagine things and you can assume certain outcomes – but if you’re honest with yourself you know that you can not read the future and neither can you predict it.

That is why it is so important to be ready.

Your big shot might be around the corner, the person to change your life might just walk by or the opportunity to make a fortune might just wait in front of your eyes.

If you are not ready, you will not be able to see this and you’ll fail to grasp it. So how can you ALWAYS be ready?

Get ready for your next Battle!Get ready for your next Battle!

You’re most ready when you’re not

Being ready has a catch. When do you definitely know that you are ready?

There is always something you could have forgotten and then you tell yourself “oh, I’m not quite ready yet”. There can always be something you didn’t think about and truth is that unexpected things happen often. But we can forget about all that, being ready has nothing to do with psychic abilities to read the future and to know exactly what is going to happen or what you need in order to succeed.

Being ready is rather an Attitude, a Mindset. You are ready when you think you’re not ready.

Doesn’t make any sense to you? Let me explain it a bit deeper.

Scientifically there is something going on in our nervous system and our limbic brain (the part of our brain which is responsible for feelings) when we are “not ready”.

We might feel afraid, we might feel nervous and we might fear the outcome. This is exactly the state that can turn into “readiness”! Imagine your emotions, your feelings as a Pendulum. A Pendulum swings from left to right and when it reaches the farthest point on either side, it starts to swing in the opposite direction. Now imagine that your feelings do exactly the same.

Imagine that those feelings of “not being ready” are swinging to the farthest point possible – you know what is going to happen next? The Pendulum swings back into the opposite direction! Just like temperature can be hot or cold, both are just extremes of the momentum of the pendulum’s swing.

And our emotions and feelings are no different, fear and excitement, hate and love, sadness and happiness are just the two outermost points of our inner pendulum.

So you see that indeed you are most ready when you’re not ready.

Because the moment you reach the outermost point of “not being ready” you can actually not go any further than that! You can’t be any more “unready” than you already are.

So naturally, you’ll start to swing back in the opposite direction and start becoming ready. Trust your intuition, be aware of this simple law and you won’t fear not being ready anymore.

In fact, that fear of not being ready is just an emotion which if reached, cannot get worse. It can only get better and the moment you start to take action towards whatever you are afraid of you start to gain confidence.

We humans have always been designed to survive – and we have successfully done so ever since the stone age. We couldn’t always “be ready” for whatever threats lied out there but we found a way to overcome and adapt.

First Impressions Last

Okay, we covered an emotional and intrinsic aspect of being ready. Now, let’s take an external look at it.

The truth is – and you may know it – that first impressions last. And heck, they are hard to break if someone made them up clearly. We are always watched and always judged. It is just something natural, it is nothing vile or evil. We do it all the times and other people do it too.

It’s not that important that we try to please everyone because we know we can’t.

What matters is that we make a decent first impression. When we make a decent first impression, we show that we are ready. There are very simple things we can do to make a good first impression and it’s nothing incomprehensible.

In fact, the things we CAN do to make a good first impression are very simplistic.

Clothes make people

The famous Swiss poet Gottfried Keller wrote a book with the Title “Clothes make people”. He wrote it around 140 years ago. And it is still true. Clothes DO make people.

Now I’m not saying you have to start dressing like a royal and only clothe yourself in the most expensive suits and wool that you can find. No, this is absolutely not what it is about. I’m not suggesting either that you start experimenting weird things with your clothes – this is not about attention.

I’m simply suggesting that you take care of what you wear. Everybody’s got their favorite style of clothing, be it casual, formal, cozy, elegant or sporty. You know your style and you know what suits you – and if you don’t there’s a bunch of “style consultants” out there which will prepare a couple of nice simplistic outfits for you and they don’t even cost a lot.

This one is about awareness, about Perception.

Always dress to impress.

If you are going to buy a car or look for a flat, remember that the people you come in contact with, judge you upon your appearance.

It makes a HUGE difference if you simply wear a nice shirt or show up in a lumpy sweatshirt. You might think that it doesn’t make a difference but it does. This doesn’t mean that from now on you only wear a suit and tie – just dress casually.

There’s another more psychological approach to it – wearing your favorite sweatpants all day long also put you in an “I don’t care” mood and probably makes you lazy and feel like you want to just hang around.

Wearing a dirty and sweaty shirt also subliminally influences your brain and tells it “meh, who cares?”.

So next time you’re having an important job interview or any sort of important meeting be aware of this fact.

You’ll feel much better if you simply put on some clean and neat jeans and a nice shirt on. It lets other people know that you take care of yourself.

We could go on and on about clothing and styling tips but this is not the point of this article. I simply wanted to show you that such things matter.

Sensory Perceptions

People not only judge based on what they see but also on what they smell and feel.

Keeping good hygiene is therefore essential. If you approach somebody or are approached by somebody, they will notice the way you smell and they will notice if you take interest in your appearance. If you dress nicely, you already won a handful of sympathy points – but it doesn’t stop there!

As important as being dressed well it is equally important to keep good hygiene. I shouldn’t have to tell you that regular showers are good for your health and also your hygiene.

Simply take care of yourself and look out after yourself. Putting on some scented body lotion or body butter after a shower not only keeps your skin hydrated but also gives you an overall nice and arousing odor.

Applying a couple of perfume splashes is also recommended. Just don’t overdo it! You don’t want to smell like a walking perfumery.

The tricky thing about odors is that we get used to our own smells pretty fast and we might not even notice that the shirt we are wearing for days has taken on a sweaty and nasty smell. So simply paying attention to this and checking if our clothes smell fresh is vital.

Imagine walking into the car dealership to negotiate the conditions for your new car and the salesperson notices that you smell good and are dressed accordingly – they will probably give you better conditions because they take you serious (now imagine the same scenario but you are walking into it smelling like a dirty dog and wearing sweaty and filthy clothing – they’ll probably pull you over the barrel).

Manners Matter

Okay, you are dressed nicely, you smell good and fresh. Now, what else can you do to make a truly positive lasting impression? Of course, the answer is behavior!

I only want to cover some basic behaviors that are so obvious but unfortunately don’t deserve the necessary attention they would.

I’m speaking about body language and the way it is perceived. The way we walk, talk, and even the way we simply STAND are judged. They are judged like the way we dress and the way we smell.

This is why they too are an important factor in being ready. We want to signalize that we are ready and that we are not intimidated. We want to signalize that we are confident and value ourselves.

I will now show you some simple but effective ways into incorporating an overall better body language:

  • Walking and Standing Upright
    • This simple body posture is telling a lot about your confidence. If you are walking and standing around with your shoulders hanging and your head low people will automatically register your weakness.
    • You are a fantastic human being and not a bag of potatoes! Keep your head up high but not too high, you still want to see where you are going. Expand your chest and walk proudly. Take slow and definitive steps. Use the momentum of your body and let your arms swing mildly when you are walking (this will happen automatically).

    • A good exercise is to imagine that you are walking into a room with your head attached to a thread which is coming from the ceiling. Try it and you will see that the way people perceive you is totally different – you are walking into the room and making a statement.
  • a Firm Handshake
    • Giving your opposite a firm handshake signalizes respect and also that you are not intimated by them. Don’t try to break his or her hand! It’s not about showing who is the strongest! Simply give a firm handshake and apply a little pressure whilst shaking hands.
    • If you give somebody a hand that is lumpy like a dead fish, they will automatically register your weakness. So do yourself a favor and shake that hand with a little more intention!
  • Eye Contact
    • “The eyes never lie, chico” – you probably know this famous quote from the movie “Scarface”. And it not only sounds catchy, but it is also true! The eyes are the window to our souls. We can act and cover up many things with our behavior but our eyes never lie. They always reveal the truth. So it is essential to maintain eye contact when you are talking to somebody. You don’t have to get involved in a Staredown as if you would be competing for who is going to Wrestlemania! Simply look your “opponent” in the eye when you are talking to each other.
    • Show them that you are not afraid. Show them that you are ready to be looked at. Keep eye contact but don’t gaze, just maintain the contact.

If you follow these recommendations and patterns, I guarantee you what you will be perceived completely different.

You will feel ready because you take care of yourself and you show this through the way you dress, walk and talk.

From now on you are always ready – even when you think you’re not!

You got this and you deserve this! Be Always ready, anywhere, everywhere, anytime.

Let’s face our challenges, let’s dive into the unknown and lets overcome our fear of “not being ready”.

We, humans, were built to survive and we did outstandingly good in doing just that.

Thinking you are ready or thinking you are not right, it doesn’t matter because in both cases you are right.


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6 thoughts on “The Importance of ALWAYS being Ready

  1. phyllis hollett says:

    I agree it is important to be ready and I think what you said can help us in not running away from opportunity or life.

    I know it is our nature to judge, but I think it is also important that maybe it is not always a good thing to judge on first meeting people or judge on what they wear but to be open to get to know the person. That saying “never judge a book by its cover” is important as well. The pendulum has to swing both ways. Thanks for a great post.

    1. Kofi Adams says:

      Hi Phyllis!

      We have to be ready because we were born ready! I don’t want to know how many times I let an opportunity pass because I simply “didn’t feel ready yet”. This is one of the reasons why I wrote this article, to share with others what helps me have a better experience in life! And you are right about judging, it is in our nature but it also is not always a good thing to do (I mean, of course, we have a gut feeling and mostly it is right). Sometimes there are diamonds hiding in the dirt 🙂



  2. Ayebogbon says:

    I like this content. it’s inspiring and motivating.
    you compared our feelings and emotions to that of a pendulum. So when the pendulum swings to the farthest point, it start to swing in the opposite direction.
    Would you say if our feeling hasn’t reached such point, we won’t nervously be ready?

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Kofi Adams says:


      Thank you so much, it means a lot to me that I am able to inspire through my content! Well, a Pendulum is (almost)always in motion and so are our emotions. Emotion stands for energy in motion so I’d say that even if our feeling hasn’t reached such a point, we still are experiencing if we feel more or less ready. This then indicates us if we should take action or not (which comes back to “we are most ready when we are not”). The catch is to know when to take action and when to be patient!

      Best Regards


  3. Stella says:

    Walk tall, head high with an air of confidence, that’s me from now on.
    Thank you for a valuable post Simon. If everybody follow your advice there will be more respect for one self and the world will become a better place!
    Love reading your posts.
    Bush Lady

    1. Kofi Adams says:

      Hi Stella!

      Thank you so much for your appreciation. I feel honoured, blessed and motivated that I am able to influence people positively with my work! I always wanted to make a change in this world and if I can even help one single individual to make lasting change in his or her life then I already feel happy about it! I’ll do my best to write even better posts in the future. I am grateful for your kind words.




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