Mission & Values


Our Values

Values act as a pillar of your personality. They are there to tell us which way we have to go and how to treat other people. Everybody has their own values and that is perfectly fine. However, as long as you are part of the community here at Mind2Set I want to invite you to join and live the values that have been set as the cornerstones of this Project.

Photo by Sean Stratton on Unsplash

We believe that being honest is the only way we can truly communicate with each other without being mistaken. As long as we are honest and open about our feelings and opinions we can do no wrong. Therefore it is important to never fear to tell the truth, even if it hurts. It is better to be real and honest than to be fake and “appealing”.

We understand righteousness as the core of our behavior. If we have the right motives and the right idea within our heart then we are acting righteously. We understand this as the ability to stand for and act on what lies in the depths of our hearts and our emotions.

Authenticity for us means the ability to say, speak and do the things we truly want to. It means being able to communicate WHY we do things and not just HOW we do things. HOW we do things corresponds with our WHY and out of that, we can form the WHAT we do. Authenticity is when WHY, HOW and WHAT are aligned.

Everybody is different and everybody has their own story. We are not here to judge anyone. We respect your opinion and your feelings because that is the way we want to be treated. Nobody likes to be disrespected. Respect is the only currency that multiplies if we spend it – so let’s spend some Respect!

Empathy means being able to understand another human being. It signifies the ability to see things from another point of view and to understand why certain people act in certain ways. It is crucial in developing a better understanding of this life. We all walk different paths and we can learn so much from each other if we try to see things from somebody else’s perspective. Empathy also serves us well in avoiding unnecessary conflicts.

We love the saying “when the student is ready, the master will appear”. It signifies that in order to grow we have to be ready to grow. This means being ready to be criticized, or more importantly, being coached. This is not about taking every single critic to our hearts but rather about looking and reaching out for constructive criticism. This way we can grow faster.

Without Confidence, we can barely progress. We need confidence in our skills and abilities so that we can live the best version of ourselves. Everybody has got their own strengths and we have to be confident enough to appreciate them and use them for something positive and productive. Believing that we can do it is far more important than any statistical or hypothetical argument. If you can see it, you can be it!

Whatever you do, no matter the success – always stay humble. We believe in being grateful for everything in life. This is the mindset of a winner because if you are grateful you can only win. With gratitude, there are no losses because every loss bears something you can learn from it and therefore it becomes a win. Gratitude starts with the small things in life that are often overlooked. This is why we show gratitude for the life we able to live and we do it on a daily basis.