How to effectively conquer Worry

It can happen in Life, that you hit a certain point where you feel like there is no hope. You feel trapped and there is seemingly no way out of your situation.

Nobody likes to be in a situation like that but it is part of Life. No amount of positive thinking or mumbo-jumbo-spiritual advice can stop life from happening. Life is a constant journey and it is far from being a straight line.

It is rather a constant movement and there are ups and downs. It is easy to feel good and confident when everything is going well, we can easily feel happy about ourselves and our situation.

The tough part is to deal with life when things go bad.

This is what makes or breaks human beings. It is the focal point that separates the weak from the obsolete.

Everyone has to face his demons sooner or later, it is up to you to decide if you face them and fight or if you try to run away.

Fear means nothing more than FACE EVERYTHING AND RISE.

We have the freedom and opportunity to choose how we are going to react to any circumstances in life. In our blog post about being responsible, you can look this topic up as we have already covered it there.

This time we are going to take a look at practical ways to deal with stressful and negative situations. It is a surefire way on how to effectively conquer worry and doubt.

I applied these techniques myself when I was in a pretty hopeless situation. Everything seemed to go against me and I knew that I had to decide: do I fight or do I run away?

I choose to fight. This is not going to defeat me.

It is not about the size of the dog in the fight, it is about the size of the fight in the dog.

I would not let any circumstances win over me. I wouldn’t give in. I would take full responsibility and fight for what is right. You can define a man by the size of the problem that weighs him down, so I had to ask myself: Is this the size of the man I am?

The answer was NO.

So without further a due, I want to present to you these 4 Key Questions that can and will help you out of any situation, no matter how dark it may seem!

Question #1 – What would the person that I truly want to be do in this situation?

Imagine the most awesome version of yourself. Imagine yourself being a freaking’ boss. How would your strongest and most confident person deal with this situation? What would he/she think of the situation and what kind of solutions would he/she come up with?

Deep down in your heart, you already know the answers because we all have this monster which is slumbering in the depths of our hearts.

Don’t forget that once we were hunters and had to fight to survive every single day. Although nowadays in our modern society we are not exposed to these amounts of danger – we still possess this raw force within us.

When we are forced to act we can dig deep into our potential.

So think about how the strongest version of yourself would deal with this problem.

You have survived everything and everyone so far, nothing that ever happened to you could kill you. You took some damage and yes you were hurt in the battles you have fought but still, you are standing strong.

Would this person give in to those circumstances you are facing? The answer is likely no. This person would take on any challenge and beat it, against all odds!

Question #2 – What advice would I give to me if I was my best friend?

Now, this might seem a bit awkward to you but could you imagine talking to yourself and giving yourself advice?

It is not some psychological disorder if you are able to talk to yourself positively.

Sit in a quiet place where no one can disturb you and then first talk openly about what bothers you. Talk about it as if somebody you could truly trust would be listening to you.

Don’t worry if you get in your feelings, this is what you need!

Talk from the depths of your heart and let everything go that is weighing you down – it helps a lot getting rid of any unnecessary baggage. After you’ve done this you’ll probably feel better already.

Maybe you’ll even realize that the problems are not that bad at all?

Then, after you have poured your heart out – give yourself advice. Give the kind of advice you would give somebody you genuinely love.

You are going to tap into your higher being if you do this because we humans are emotional beings.

Motivate yourself and remind yourself of how strong you actually are.

Tell yourself the things you would love to hear from someone that cares about you. Remember that in this very moment it is only you, no one else!

Question #3 – What is God trying to tell me with this?

No matter if you are religious or not, there is a higher power out there and it is working 24/7. You can call it God, Allah, Karma, the Universe or whatever name you like to give it.

But you can’t deny the fact that it exists.

This power is loving and caring. It is not bad and it is never trying to hurt you.

So knowing this, you can ask yourself: what is God trying to tell me right now?

Don’t twist and turn things so that you look like the poor little victim that was overpowered by its circumstances.

There is almost certainly something that you can learn from this situation. God is working in your favor and he wants you to progress.

In Life, it is often the case that we are served certain lessons over and over again until we are able to deal with them.

God only gives us so much weight to carry as we can actually bear. God only puts us in situations he knows we can get out of. He wouldn’t confront us with a task which we could not solve. We get stronger when we surpass our limits.

We get smarter when we surpass what was thought to be possible to this point.

We develop only by overcoming our obstacles.

Question #4 – What can I learn from the situation that is going to bring me forward?

Could you imagine that Life is just a game?

Does that sound ridiculous to you?

Let me show you a point of view that proves that this idea is not that far-fetched.

Now if you ever played any kind of video game in your life (which I assume) then you’ll probably have noticed that the game tends to get harder the more you advance. In most games, you start as a weak nobody and with time you acquire skills and strengths.

You get to know people and the more you progress, the more difficult the quests are which are posed upon you. Sometimes you’ll have to face a “Boss” which is too hard to defeat yet.

You have to go back to training and possibly first have to solve some side quests which do not belong to the main plot. But these side quests will help you in gaining valuable experience points.

Then, when you feel strong enough you can take on that enemy once again. This time you defeat him. But the game does not stop here, you have grown stronger now but your next mission is already waiting for you – and is not going to be any less difficult!

Can you see the similarities?

In our life, it is pretty much the same. We start as weaklings that can’t even walk on their own. We are dependent upon our parents as they feed and care for us. With time, we learn to walk, talk and behave by our own standards. We grow up and one day we are strong enough to support ourselves.

We now no longer need third parties to take care of us. We can now take on our own assignments. Most certainly we will not be able to overcome the obstacles by the first try, but we can get back up and try again.

There is always something to learn from any situation we are facing.

In our example of the video game, it might be the way our current boss is moving so the next time we face him, we know where and when to strike! In real life, it could be a lesson we learn from some bad shit that has happened to us.

So ask yourself: What can I learn from this situation that is going to bring me forward?

There is always something we can take with us. In Martial Arts, there is the saying that “every battle we fight teaches us more about ourselves”. The same applies to our lives.


Life can only be understood backwards but it has to be lived forwards.

So we should never fold under pressure. No matter what situations we have to face in Life, we always have Freedom of Choice. We can choose how we deal with the situation.

Winners embrace failure and fail forwards, Losers try to avoid failures and hardships.

The Master has failed many more times than the student and that’s exactly the reason why he became the master.

Life is not easy but it is simple. It is the simple things in Life that really matter.

When situations are tough, the things we can do to ease our burden are simple – not easy. We should not wish for an easy life but rather for the strength and courage to deal with life when it gets tough.

Don’t be afraid as FEAR stands for FACE EVERYTHING AND RISE.

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24 thoughts on “How to effectively conquer Worry

  1. Ola says:

    This is an informative and educative article. You have thoroughly put everything in perspective for anyone reading this post to understand the points. Worry has been a thing of the past for me ever since I discovered it is adding to my challenges infact it causes health issues for me. The best thing is to laugh every woeful situation off and let God take control.

    1. Simon says:

      Hey Ola,

      Thanks so much for your comment, it means a lot to me that you find it useful. I want to share my experiences with the world and if they can help anyone out there then my mission is complete. Worry and anxiety can negatively impact our health and sanity, therefore, we have to be able to deal with it in an effective way. Knowing that you can always learn from a bad situation is a good practice to overcome any roadblock. May God Bless You.

      Best Regards,


  2. Babsie Wagner says:

    What an amazing, inspiring article.  As I was reading through the first couple of ideas, I was thinking about God, because He is who I turn to when I worry, every single time.  I believe He is the core, and he guides you to the other suggestions.  I look at everything through the lense of my Christianity, from a perspective of what do I think God wants me to do, what is God teaching me, why does God allow this to happen to me, what is God working on in me that I need to learn.  Thank you so much for this great article.  I love it!

    1. Simon says:

      Hey Babsie,

      First of all, thank you for your kind words! I like the way you see the world, indeed, God is guiding us and he is the core of everything. It helps so much to understand life if we can take the help of a religion – any kind! We have the freedom to decide how we want to respond to any given situation and if we see a lesson behind the hardships then we are winning. May God Bless your soul.

      Best Regards


  3. Louis says:

    Worry is an unnecessary companion that we all have to deal with. I get so worried at times, however I’ve learnt to face my fears head on. Instead of killing myself thinking of what would be, I face what is and allow the rest to take care of itself. 

    I would put this tips you’ve given into practice, and hopefully I’ll be able to conquer my fears a lot better. Thanks for sharing, regards.

    1. Simon says:

      Hey Louis,

      Worry is part of each and every life that exists – the way we respond to it is different amongst individuals. We can either let worries eat us alive or we can choose to face them and fight against them. Learning how to conquer worry effectively is a key skill in managing life on the bright side. I hope that you can use some of my suggestions to conquer your fears – you got this!

      Best Regards,


  4. Dapoach says:

    Worry is a big issue that affects almost everyone on planet earth especially when things aren’t working the way we expect them to. Your four questions that you listed  that can and will help one to get out of any situation, no matter how hard is so helpful. I really learned a lot from this your powerful article. I cant wait to start putting these your points to action. I hope i would get significant changes after practicing it. Thanks

    1. Simon says:

      It is a big issue that we all have to face. Nothing on this earth can avoid hard times in life but what we can do is choose how we respond to it. These questions have helped me a lot when I was in a difficult situation because the answers to those questions come from your intuition and emotional self. There is always a light at the end of darkness, same as there is always the day after the night. I wish that you can effectively conquer and master the worries that show up in your life – and if I could help you even the slightest bit in doing so then I feel fulfilled and honored. Thank you so much and may God bless you!

      Best Regards,


  5. Rony says:


    Conquer Worry can happen in Life, that you hit a certain point where you feel like there is no hope. You feel trapped and there is seemingly no way out of your situation. Nobody likes to be in a situation like that but it is part of Life. This site tell about how to remove it and also tell about what is it and how to handle this type situation.It’s too much helpful for me and my friends. Thank You.

    1. Simon says:

      Hey Rony,

      Thanks for your comment! It can and will always be a part of life and as the wise Buddha has once stated, nothing can prevail you from suffering. What you can do is respond in a positive way to the suffering in life. The way we deal with it is what makes or breaks us. May God Bless You.

      Best Regards,


  6. Marios Tofarides says:

    Hey Simon!

    I have a motto about worry: “Don’t worry for anything that can be fixed, and don’t worry about anything that can’t be fixed”. Worry is something that stresses us out but doesn’t offer anything. So, what I try doing in a certain situation, is trying to find a solution. What to do in order to fix the issue that worries me. 

    Your four questions are also great though. I like the first one: “What would my ideal self do?”



    1. Simon says:

      Hey Marios,

      That’s a nice motto and it hits the nail in the coffin! There are always solutions as long as we are open to them.

      May God Bless You.

  7. Peace says:

    I am a major worry wart. Like my mentor puts it, a world champion worrier. I worry alot, when I need to make a public presentation, mainly because I forget alot. So, I’d worry that I would go blank in front of everybody. 

    Now, I’ve turned my worry to work for me. I would make myself practice extra hard so that the likelihood of failing will be too slim to bother me anymore. 

    I always ask myself those questions you listed out and they work in most cases. 

    1. Simon says:

      Congratulations on turning a disadvantage into an advantage! This is what winners do. Stay Strong and never give up on yourself – there are enough people out there who want you to fail. Focus on proving yourself right instead of proving others wrong. May God Bless You.

  8. Fahim1 says:

    Worry is very harmful for human being.It creats depression among us.I have read your great informative topics about how to conquer worry. Really reading your this article any one can get help to remove worry,depression.This article will help us to remove depression and worry.Will help to thik about the coming mission. Thnks for your great sharing about how can we conquer worry effectively.

    1. Simon says:

      Thanks for your kind words. We will always be facing worry in Life, therefore, we have to be prepared when it arises and questions like the ones I presented are a gamechanger in doing so. Improvise, Adapt and Overcome!

  9. Sherry says:

    Beautifully put! Life is tough – there is no doubt about it. Some people’s lives are tougher than others but in the end, we’re all facing a battle. Those are great questions to bring a problem or obstacle into better focus and help overcome it and I can personally attest that they work! I think the biggest issue for most is the negative internal voice that they allow to keep them from being their best self. You really have to be kind to yourself and be courageous. “Failure is not the outcome – failure is not trying. Don’t be afraid to fail”  – Instead, face everything and rise from it :).

    1. Simon says:

      Hey Sherry,

      There’s no such thing than a Life that’s better than yours. As you mentioned, we are all battling the inner mental warfare between good and evil. Developing a strong and positive response to negative situations is like building a muscle in the gym – with time and practice it gets stronger! FEAR also stands for False Evidence Appearing Real – meaning that Fear itself is not real, it is a made up product of the mind. Thanks so much for sharing your personal opinion about this topic! May God Bless You.

      Best Regards,


  10. mhasanalvi says:

    Hi Simon,

    Thank you very much for sharing such an informative article with all the necessary information about “How to effectively conquer Worry”

    Really this is the best article for my life.I like this article very much.I got a new and fresh thought how to fight with my worries and also how to face with all the situations of life.I have a lots of worries and sometimes i feel so much pressure that i should give up my life but this article has impact a great positive way of my life.I will follow these  tips that you have mentioned avobe from now.This article is a guide for them who are very disappointed from their worries and also from their life.I will share this article with my friends and relatives so that they can learn how they should be overcome with their problems.

    1. Simon says:

      Thanks so much for your kind words. I really hope that this article can help you overcome your worries and help you get stronger in the process. Whenever I face worry I turn to these questions and they are gone! Never give up on yourself and always believe in the positive. Life is not a straight line rather an up and down and we have to be strong when things get tough in order to enjoy the ride when things are on the up. May God Bless You.

      Best Regards,


  11. Barrywesley says:

    Your post on how  to effectively conquer worry  is quite incredibly informative, and also inspiring. It’s actually a great information that will really help humanity in time of there worries.  I have been through some situations in my life that brought me to the point where I began to worry.infact it some times gets me to a point of depression. I really want to thank God that I stumbled on this information.and now I know better. I will bookmark this page for future use. Thanks

    1. Simon says:

      Hey Barry,

      I am glad that you find this an informative article. When we face tough situations it is our responsibility to respond in a positive way because life will not get easier if we don’t. Therefore it is important to know how to stay motivated and focused in order to achieve your goals and dreams. Distractions and hardship won’t mean that much if you have a strong mental attitude. Stay Strong and May God Bless You.

      Best Regards,


  12. Chidiking88 says:

    Wow! , “The Master has failed many more times than the student” is food for thought for me. I have to be able to learn the followings, reading this article : raising your hope at every point in life, choosing the right way to react to circumstances, having a mental picture of the most awesome version of yourself, giving yourself advice as if you were your best friend, knowing there is a higher power out there and understanding what he was trying to tell you with each circumstance, understanding your life trend and pattern. 

    This is quite motivating.Thanks for sharing.

    1. Simon says:

      Thanks so much! Learning constantly and growing in the process is what transforms our lives and provides us with better circumstances. We have to deal with the current “problems” in order to go to the next level where we will probably face even more difficult tasks – but it doesn’t matter as long as we are getting stronger too. Trust the Process and stay positive!

      Best Regards,



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