Book of the Month

Book of the Month: April 2019

Another Month, Another Book! We at Mind2Set love to read and therefore we present you our Top-Pick of the Month. This Time it is a more modern approach to Business and a Book we highly recommend to anybody out there who is running an online-based Business. We live in 2019 and Social Media is more than just a place to engage with friends. It has evolved into a real Business Opportunity and there are already a respectable amount of people who have made big bucks on Social Media Platforms.

Enter: Crushing It by the great Gary Vaynerchuck.

For those of you who don’t know Gary Vaynerchuk, let me introduce you to this man briefly. He was an immigrant from Belarus who came to the US and participated in a Wine-Business which his parents had started. He got active in that Business and scaled it big time.

Now he is running a hugely successful Wine Company and is highly involved in Social Media. Maybe you’ve seen some videos of him on Youtube or Instagram – if not – I’d encourage you to do so because the value this man drops in his posts or videos is simply incredible!

Anyways, the Book “Crushing It” is a manual that shows the reader exactly how Social Media Platforms can be used for different Business Reasons. It also features Success Stories of people who’ve made it big on the respective platform. Further, he also states a handful of Qualities you need to develop in order to be a successful Entrepreneur.

Top-3-Picks from the Book:

  1. The most Important Character Trait you could have as an Entrepreneur is: CARE. Simply care for your customers, your business and also care for yourself. In the end, as a business owner, you are depending on your customers to make a purchase and therefore to provide you with an income. So it is highly advised to also treat your Customers with Care because they feed your business
  2. It is important to document your process. You might be a Bodybuilder and running a Website that is selling Supplements. Why not start an Instagram Page and document your workouts, your meals and the way you use your supplements? There are many advantages to doing that. Firstly, you’ll have watchable progress and can always see how you’ve improved over time. Secondly, It is nice for others to see you as a real person!
  3. Social Media is actually pretty easy to use. Don’t come up with excuses like “I’m not a techie” or “I don’t know how it works”. Figuring out how Instagram or Facebook works takes only a couple of minutes and the more you are involved in the process, the more you’ll learn.

Book of the Month: March 2019

Our Top Choice for this Month is an all-time Classic we highly recommend to anybody looking for a better Life.  March is the third Month in a year that in terms of numerology is a “3” (2+0+1+9 = 3). So it is a highly synchronized Month, fully aligned with the Universe. The next 3 Months will bring huge blessings, good luck, and fortune. A new Chapter begins with this Quarter of the Year and what better way to start it than with a good read?

In order for you to make the best out of the upcoming Quarter, our recommendation is Dale Carnegie’s “How to stop worrying and start living“. Maybe you know this classical read already – if not, get your Copy here. It is more than just a Book. I’d say it is a personal assistant which we can always consult when we are facing adversity or tough times. It is thought to be read over and over again as it is full of practical tips to live a better Life. Don’t expect to read the book once and have all your problems solved! Use it as a Guide and as an Anchor of your daily routine.

Dale Carnegie is one of the leading thinkers when it comes to motivation and positive thinking. He is most famous for his work “How to win friends and influence people“.He dedicated almost his entire life to teaching people how to live a happier life and how to worry less. His methods are very practical and time tested and have helped over a million people worldwide. It is no wonder that he has an officially licensed Dale Carnegie Training Course which teaches his principles all over the world.

The Methods and Principles he teaches always come along with a story that proves their credibility by one of his many students. There are over 30 Suggestions on how to stop worrying and start living – so you can easily pick out the ones that you like and want to try. It’s not about implementing all those suggestions at ones, some will work well for you and some won’t.

My Top 3 Suggestions from his bestseller are:

  1. Structure your life into units. Live each unit concentrated and without distraction  – this practical advice correlates highly with my post about scheduling your week
  2. Accept the inevitable – for me this means that it is easier for us to simply accept what will happen anyways. We can’t change the weather so we could as well smile when it rains because being mad about it raining won’t make it stop.
  3. Get some rest before you get tired – at first, it might seem contradictory to a lot of beliefs that you should work your b*tt off until you succeed, but it actually makes a lot of sense. Taking some time out is as important as working hard, only when we are rested we can use our full potential.