Dissatisfaction Debunked

Today’s pick is all about a word which many people label as something “bad”. What they don’t realize is that it is something which is actually a good thing.

Dissatisfaction is something that can keep us going. It is something that we can use to have drive and purpose in life. Winners know that dissatisfaction is key in overcoming the odds. Losers think that dissatisfaction is something bad.

Here’s a little story to emphasize on it:

There was once an island in the seas which was inhabited by 7 villages. Each village had its own chief and every chief kept a special secret which. These secrets were the reason why the villages were so lucky and rich. They all had to work together and live in peace with each others so they could profit from the different secrets. One day the volcano on the island erupted and the island sunk. When this happened, all the chiefs gathered their people and put them in a big boat which carried them to safety. Unfortunately the boats got separated due to the bad sight which was caused by the smoke of the eruption. The villagers lost each other. A sailor asked one of the chiefs why he never tried to find the other chiefs. He said that they did try to recover them but no one was ever able to find one of the other chiefs. The sailor wanted to know how this could happen, hence the chiefs were excellent sailors themselves. The chief replied that the other ones probably found a place they were satisfied with. They were so satisfied that they forgot their important task of keeping and exchanging their powerful secret. They fell for satisfaction.

Thanks go out to German Author Bodo Schäfer who featured this story in his Book “The Laws of Winners”

Dissatisfied but grateful

There is a distinct difference between dissatisfaction and gratefulness.

We should be grateful for what we have in life but this doesn’t mean that we can’t be dissatisfied. You probably know somebody who told you “you should be happy with what you have”. This is a nice thing to say but if you take a closer look at it you’ll realize that it doesn’t tell the full story.

What they probably meant to say is “you should be GRATEFUL for what you have”. Being grateful for health, love, family, wealth (the list goes on) is something noble.

Being satisfied is not noble – it is blatantly misleading.

Life is in constant motion and we can only grow when we move. How can we grow if we are satisfied?

To grow and to improve we have to stay hungry.

Only when we are not satisfied with ourselves, with the current situation we’re in and with the cards, we are handed we have the power to change.

Champions in any sport became champions because they were never satisfied with their efforts. They knew they could do better so they pushed themselves. They were dissatisfied with their results so they pushed harder and became stronger and better.

See the difference already?

Being dissatisfied is positive. It is a driving force we can utilize to improve our situation. How else could we ever change anything if we were satisfied with everything? Human beings built cars because they were dissatisfied with riding horses. The light bulb was invented because somebody was dissatisfied with lighting candles. Airplanes were created because traveling by land only was dissatisfying.

An American saying goes as follows: “stay hungry to be free.

Dissatisfaction as a motivator

If you are doing business and dealing with clients you will probably have clients who are dissatisfied. They are the ones who could rally you to become more successful because they provide you with cost-free feedback and ideas!

Now we’re not talking about complainers and haters – they will always be there.

It’s about the people who are unsatisfied with some aspect of their life. It may be a small thing which to us might seem insignificant but for them, it could mean a lot. Acting right where somebody feels dissatisfied can be our goldmine.

Here’s another short story:

A rich and wealthy landlord was living in his house which had a big garden. The landlord loved his garden but he loathed cutting the grass. He absolutely disliked doing it. The postman who delivered the mail to the landlord every day took notice of it. He thought about how he could help this friendly chap about his dislike for cutting grass. So the postman went to the town and bought a lawnmower. He then came back to the landlord and asked him if he may cut his grass. The landlord willingly accepted and paid the postman good money. He paid him more than he’d earned if he stayed being a postman. The postman loved this new occupation so much that he built a lawn mowing company. And soon he was a very rich and wealthy man with over hundreds of lawn mowing enthusiasts under his command.

What this story wants to say is that you can use someone else’s dissatisfaction and turn it into your advantage. There is always somebody out there who dislikes doing something and maybe you could be the person to solve this dissatisfaction.

Perhaps you have a unique skill, something that you enjoy doing which can be of good use to other people.

This is what makes this world such a wonderful place to live in.

We are all different individuals with unique strengths and weaknesses. When we work together and try to help each other solving one’s problems we change the world for the better.

Live and let live

You have now learned something you may or may not have known already.

You now posses’ knowledge so basic but so powerful to make lasting change. But never forget to live and let live. Don’t go around and try to convince people that they have to be dissatisfied. Everybody lives their own way and we do ourselves a favor if we just let them be.

Check within yourself – where are you dissatisfied? What aspects of life are you dissatisfied with? What do you want to change so that you are LESS dissatisfied with the situation?

Keep in mind that we never stop learning. If you stop learning and stop growing you are dying. We were meant to improve ourselves constantly – that’s the magic of mankind. Be grateful for what you have and what you have achieved but stay hungry enough to always improve.

And now take that dissatisfaction and use it to light the fire within you!

“Take pride in how far you have come and have faith in how far you can go”

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6 thoughts on “Dissatisfaction Debunked

  1. Olalekan says:

    Thanks for this wonderful review. Reading this post i agree and I see dissatisfaction as a propelling tool to be better in our life rather than the order wise. I agree that we negative thought and conclusion has being believed to go with dissatisfaction. One thing I learnt from this article is that you cannot grow and be the best if you are satisfied with the position you have. Thanks for sharing this inspiring  article. 

    1. Simon says:

      I’m honored to being able to inspire you! It is at first a bit confusing but then makes a lot of sense, we can only grow if we are unsatisfied with our current results. 

      Best Regards


  2. JJ says:

    Good reading. I have been reading articles and books about being grateful and have always wondered if being grateful keeps me stuck. The article shows that I should be grateful, but dissatisfaction will help me to grow. In fact it is necessary. This explanation brings such clarity to the value of being dissatisfied. Thank you !

    1. Simon says:

      Gratefulness is key in appreciating what life has given us and what we have achieved. It certainly does not keep you stuck, in fact, it can often help you out of some negative situation! If you’re feeling down or bad just come up with 5 Things you are grateful for and gone is the negativity. It took me some time too to understand this concept but if you can clearly distinct gratefulness and dissatisfaction the path is clear to greater things.

      Best Regards


  3. Joseph Stasaitis says:

    Unless you are dissatisfied with your present circumstances you will not have the energy and drive to make a change by coming out of your comfort zone.  The more pain the better.  The more comfort, the less likely we are to move into action.

    Good message with the story about the chiefs.  We can most defintely be satisfied with what we have but still be dissatified enough to want more.  They actually work together to move us in the direction we desire.

    Good use of stories to get your overall message across that dissatisfaction is actually our friend and we can use it as a motivator.  Thanks so much.

    1. Simon says:

      You said it! Coming out of our comfort zones! This is so true, the most touching and amazing things lie on the other side of our fears. In other words, they lie outside of our comfort zone. I like how you see the fact that dissatisfaction and gratefulness can actually work together to keep us going. 

      Best Regards



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