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Hey You! Welcome to Mind2Set!

Here at Mind2Set we are all about sharing information & ideas, making you think and therefore grow. Our goal is to help millions of people out there to live a better life and not only explore their boundaries but to break them and witness a transformation. We cover everything that comes to our interest, especially topics related to Mindset, Business, Freedom, Wealth and General Life Advice. We strongly believe in communicating, reflecting and improving – so feel free to join any of our discussions and last but not least: spread the word!

The Story of my Life – a true Underachiever!

All my life I have been somewhat of an underachiever. Even though I’ve managed to do quite well so far, I still felt that I was missing something. I just felt like I wasn’t living up to my full potential. So I began taking a big interest in self-help books and my journey started with the book “The Secret” which is most famous for it’s “Law of Attraction”. I was a bit skeptical but I gave it a go and started to imagine better circumstances. Realizing that it doesn’t just magically happen overnight I was a bit disappointed, to be honest, yet I could soon see the labor of my fruits.

It took a couple of months, but subliminally things began to change. I began to apply a different mentality and my brain started to take more and more interest in books. I have never been an avid reader if I ever read something it was a comic or some blunt newspaper articles – I simply did not appreciate the value of reading! As time passed, I started reading more specific books on personal development, wealth, finance, business and a bunch of other topics.

These books have left a mark on my personality, my mentality, and my behavior. It feels like a whole new world has shown up in front of my very eyes! A world full of unexplored opportunities, unlived adventures, unearned fortunes, and unsolved problems! Only Problem was it also made me feel even more like an Underachiever! Talking of problems – I came to the realization that problems are an essential part of human life which drives us to more and better circumstances. I realized that life is but a series of problems and true happiness can only be experienced by solving these very problems. I had problems before, and to be fair, the books I’ve read have solved a big deal of those problems – but ironically new Problems arose on the horizon: How in God’s name am I going to apply all these suggestions, concepts, principles and mindsets I have studied so rigorously? It seemed impossible for me to remember so many details. The thing about learning is, that after approx. 24 hours we forget a major part of what we have learned – definitely not what I wanted! I wanted long-lasting and meaningful change, not just short-term inspiration.



Sharing is caring, so the purpose of this website is to share my experiences, information and advice with the world. It is now my dedicated mission to not only provide help for myself in living a better life but more importantly to provide assistance and advice for anybody out there who is trying to do the same.

This also makes the slogan of Mind2Set : Think, Share, Grow

We want to make our readers (YOU) think and reflect on their lives and prospectively look into the future. We want them to talk about and share their experiences so that other people can benefit from their knowledge! Last but not least, we want to grow WITH our readers and build a platform of trust, wisdom, and care!

So do us a favor and do not underestimate yourself! Believe it and you can be it!


Let’s create a better world. let’s create a community full of like-minded people who love to better themselves and share their experience. Let’s create our life instead of just surviving it – let’s’ create a life full of reasons to live for.


Sincerely Yours

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.




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