A Simple Trick To Have More Money

Is it possible to have more money without earning more and spending less? The answer is yes, it is possible.

There is a simple trick which will give you more of your money and eventually inspire you to make some extra money too! Now, this trick is nothing spectacular and it is not rocket science, to be honest, it is something very basic. So basic and obvious, yet so intriguing.

Running in Circles

It is something you might know deep down inside but just ignore it because of… maybe because of fear?

What I’m talking about is being or thinking selfishly. Yes, thinking in an egoistic way will actually give you more of your money! You might think now “hey wait a minute, I am a generous person and I don’t want to be a selfish prick!” – but I wasn’t saying that.

I mean something very simple: think about yourself first!

If you are an employee or maybe already an entrepreneur you are quite possibly used to a salary. This salary flows on to your bank account every month. And if you are a human being (which I assume you are) then you probably have bills to pay too.

Those bills also come knocking every month. So every month you are in the situation where your salary comes and goes with a blink of an eye because those darn bills consume so much of it! This is the story for a majority of people out there and probably also the cause of financial worries – even in highly developed and financially strong countries like the USA or Switzerland.

It’s like a vicious cycle that seems to keep you stuck. One moment you have a (big) paycheck and the next it is (almost) all gone. Feel familiar?

Now, this is where it gets important to think selfish.

Because let’s be honest – we pay our bills on time because we are afraid of what might happen if we don’t. We are afraid that they may ask for additional fees or that they may take away from us something we need. They tend to be very loud and noisy, those creditors, if they need their bills to be paid.

And their loud and intimidating art of communication strikes fear amongst

many people. So what to do against it?

Pay Yourself First

Don’t know what this means? It simply means that you put yourself first and pay yourself first. When the monthly salary arrives, the first thing most people do is pay the bills (of which whom some might be already overdue). They do this and then pay this and that and at then live with what is left from their salaries.

They live from the crumbles of their very own cake!

Now psychologically this is a very dangerous thing to do because it downsizes your personal needs and emphasizes the needs of “others”. I am not talking about others in a beneficial way (like spending money for charity). This simply means that you put your bills and creditors above yourself and thus allow them to have some kind of control over you.

How about this approach: you pay yourself first. It is your cake, you are the one who went to work for it. You are the one who got up (probably) early in the morning and had to endure the stress. You are the one who sacrifices his precious time in order to get paid.

So you should also be the one who gets the best piece(s) of his own cake! Maybe you have a budget, if not I would recommend you set up one (simply note your expenses versus your income). If you have a budget just make sure that the top priority on that budget list is YOURSELF.

This not only helps boost your self-esteem but also your perception of money. It is yours to spend and yours to keep, yes the bills still have to be paid but there is a BIG difference between paying yourself first and paying yourself last.

I personally withdraw the amount of money I know I am gonna spend on myself (savings, leisure, etc.) whenever my salary comes, then with the rest, I pay my bills – and guess what, I don’t have less money or more bills!

Ever since I started doing this I have the feeling that I have more of my own money. I am looking forward every time new money comes in because I know that the first thing I do with it is paying myself.

Extra Tip: Save 10% of all your earnings

Maybe you are already into the habit of saving money and perhaps you are also above this 10% threshold – if yes; congratulations!

But maybe you are not saving any money because you tell yourself “there is nothing left to save” or “I just can’t deal with money”. Do yourself a favor and cut that bullshit! No matter how much or little you earn, saving 10% of your earnings IS POSSIBLE. Think about it before you judge me, it is only 10%! You still have 90% of your income left to spend and pay your bills with.

This contributes to the habit of paying yourself first – putting away 1/10 of everything you earn is, in fact, paying yourself. You are taking away a small part of your earnings which are yours to keep – no one can touch that 10% and no one can take it away from you, it is all yours to keep!

If you think that this will put you in a bad position and leave you with less money then think twice my friend! You will probably not even notice that that 10 % are “missing”. Try to follow this dogma for at least 1 year and you will see what difference it can make to your life!

Putting away 1/10 of what you earn no matter what will, in fact, leave you with an entire month’s salary safely put aside after just 10 months. Saving money is so vital because every dollar you save is every dollar you don’t have to go to work for!

The emphasis of this saving exercise is that you really save that money. Don’t accumulate it and spend it on something that puts no value to your life. Save it.

The Best thing you can do with your savings is investing it in something that will give you back more than you invested. But taking on the topic of investments would go beyond the scope of this blog post. Just know that the best investment you can make is the one you make in YOURSELF.

Building wealth is like growing a Tree, it requires patience and care

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