8 Egos That Are Blocking Your Potential

Today we are going to take a look at 8 Egos that are blocking your potential. These egos’ stand in the way of your success and abundance of wealth which can be achieved within any kind of profession. The problem is not that you are not born with a special Talent, or born into a rich family. Neither is the reason why you still haven’t tapped into your potential that you are working a low-prestige job or come from a lower social status. Those things are actually quite irrelevant.

What truly blocks you are your different Ego’s which we are going to uncover and debunk right here.

First of all, we should discuss what an EGO actually means. Per Definition from Wikipedia, the Ego describes the “ME” aspect of your personality which includes your own thinking, beliefs, and limitations. It also describes the SELF which is responsible for the way you think, feel and act. The EGO is, therefore, kind of belief-system which has been formed and planted into your mind ever since you were born.

Now when you came to this world, your EGO was empty. It was pure and free of strings, attachment, and limits. It was just there. Think of your EGO as sort of Harddisk which sits in your brain and controls the way you think, feel and act. While you were growing up, your EGO started to adopt the belief-systems which it registered all around you. This means it started to believe the things your parents, friends, teachers, and surroundings believed. It started to take over Points-Of-View from Others which did not come from your own consciousness.

Sometime, you probably reached the point where you simply believed everything your EGO has accepted thus far. You didn’t question it at all because everybody around you was doing the same thing. It seemed normal to believe these things. It seemed normal to believe the limitations. It seemed normal to accept certain patterns of behavior. Frightening, right?

Here’s the Wake-Up-Call: Everything you believed in was the view somebody else had. Thus, nothing is normal and what we condemn as normal is just crazy.

Now you know that you can always re-program your Harddisk and therefore your EGO, let’s dive into the 8 EGO’s that are blocking your progress. Let me know in the comment section below how many of these egos you recognized within yourself.

CAUTION: If you don’t think that you are guilty of any 1 of these egos you have an even bigger EGO-Problem. If you can’t relate to at least one of these egos you have the reason why you are not getting anywhere and should stop reading right now because nothing you’re about to read here will resonate with you.

Ego #1 – The Blame Ego

The Blame-Ego is the Ego that always tries to blame other people for your failures and circumstances. No matter what happens to you, this Ego always looks for external reasons why things didn’t go the way you wanted them to go. There’s always somebody that is to blame but never yourself. This Ego tries to avoid responsibility by simply outsourcing the reason for ongoing events to outer ward factors.

The cold and hard truth is that actually, you can only blame yourself. Nobody else is to blame for your failures. We are always responsible for the way we react to events. Although we might not be able to control all the events that are happening around us, we can control how we respond to them. This topic has been covered in depth in another Article – To Be Responsible (go check it out if you haven’t done so yet).

We are not creatures of circumstances – we are creators of circumstances.

Stop blaming other people and start taking responsibility. You’ll never progress anywhere in life if you always try to put the blame on somebody else. It is so much easier to change yourself and your own points of view than it is to try to change somebody else. People are often reluctant to change so how high do you rank your chances of changing somebody else? Or to go even further, since the Blame-Ego blames EVERYBODY, think about how high your chances are of changing EVERYBODY?

“Blaming others takes time and energy from improving yourself”


Start with yourself, be the change you are looking for in this world and the whole world will change from your standpoint.

Ego #2 – The Excuse Ego

The good ol’ Excuse-Ego has a lot of similarities with the Blame-Ego. It does not try to blame somebody else but it is always good for an excuse. The more spectacular the excuse, the better it feels for this ego. Anything goes for this sucker, as it tries to look for 1000 reasons why you CAN’T instead of looking for the one reason why you CAN.

It doesn’t matter if you didn’t do your job because you were too lazy and just wanted to watch your favorite series on Netflix or if you couldn’t do your job because your car broke down, you got into a snowstorm and were attacked by Bigfoot who robbed you of your clothes so you first had to go to buy new clothes in town but since you had no wallet with you, you first had to beg for money so it took you a couple of hours until you had enough money to buy some cheap jeans and a shirt and then you realized your car was stolen so you had to walk and then, unfortunately, a bird shit on your new shirt (This could go on and on, but I think you get the point that it’s just a spectacular excuse).

We can look for excuses or we can just do things and if we do fail to do what we have planned to do we can simply be accountable for it. It’s not that bad to fuck something up and just be honest and take credit for it. It is lousy however to always look for an excuse. It takes a lot of balls to stand up for something you fucked up and it will give you lots of respect and admiration.

“It’s better to offer no excuse than a bad one”

-George Washington-

A football coach takes the blame when his team loses and knows that he has chosen the wrong tactics and he also takes credit for when his team wins and knows to praise his squad. The same can be applied in life, this way you always learn something.

Ego #3 – The Social Ego

The Social-Ego tries to adjust to social expectations. It blocks and limits your growth because it forces you to do what is expected from you. Your friends expect you to do this, your parents expect you to do that and your teacher expect you to do something else. In the end, you lose yourself in the process and become an unhappy, lumpy sack with no passion for what you are doing.

This kind of Ego is formed through society and ever since the dawn of social media, it has become worse. Beauty standards are set on Instagram, friendships and popularity are decided by Facebook. Everybody is seemingly becoming a successful, world-changing entrepreneur and multi-millionaire and don’t forget – if you are not building your own business you are a complete loser because guru XY said so in a sponsored Youtube-Video.

The expectations are so overwhelming that you become froze and don’t know what to do and who to listen to. Tune out of all that chatter and listen to yourself. Fuck what everybody is saying or thinking and listen to your own balls. Nobody is going to hand the purpose of your life to you on a silver-plate, you can only find it by trial and error. Stand up for yourself and start giving fewer fucks about what everybody wants you to do.

“If you’re always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be”

-Maya Angelou-

You live only once, make sure that you live your life the way you wanted to live – not the way the others want you to live it. Life is too valuable to waste it to simply meet expectations of other people.

Ego #4 – The Past Ego

The Past-Ego wants to tell you that you can’t become shit because – well – your past is too bad and too much has happened. You simply cannot overcome obstacles that have been in your past and they are constantly weighing you down. No chance at all that you ever overcome these problems, right?


The past does not matter. God doesn’t care about your past, the universe doesn’t care about your past and the cat down the road doesn’t care about your past. Why do you?

The past is way behind us and we can not change it, the only thing we can truly influence is our current situations. By influencing the here and now we can take control over the shape of our future. Although we can never predict the future and not all plans will work out, we can decide the course we want to take.

“Life can only be understood backward, but it must be lived forwards”

-Soren Kierkegaard-

We are one thought away of a completely different life and we can always decide to let the past be what it is, done and over. The problem with being too worried about the past is that you forget to take a look at the present. The present is a gift and holds opportunities we only have to see in order to change our future. Tomorrow we become what we think about and execute today.

Ego #5 – The Limit Ego

The Limit-Ego always sees a barrier. It always sees a cap to growth and therefore gives you a false illusion of what is possible and what not. It has been fed by miserable people (doubters, haters, etc. – you name them) in our past and present.

Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest Boxers to ever grace this planet (some would argue he is THE GREATEST) was told that we wouldn’t cut it in professional boxing. Margaret Thatcher once said that there will never ever be a female politician. Yahoo once turned down 1 Million Dollars to buy Google because they didn’t believe in its potential.

Do you see a pattern there? Limits are not real. They are only personal Points-Of-View. We believe in limitations because we grew up with them. We believe in limitations because we’ve been told we can’t do this or that. We believe in them because everybody seems to believe in them.

“The only limits to the possibilities in your life tomorrow are the buts you use today”

-Les Brown-

Time to crush these limits and see for ourselves if we can’t go further than expected. If sky is the limit – why are there footprints on the moon?

Ego #6 – The Corporate Ego

The Corporate-Ego is that old, stale and outdated belief that the only way to provide yourself with an income is through a Job. In School, we are already forced in our young years to choose a profession we want to follow. You don’t even know how many pubic hairs you have on your scrotum but you should already decide a career path for the rest of your life? No Thanks.

You’re expected to apply for a Job after you graduate from school because that’s what everybody is doing. The expected path to take is to apply for a job, be loyal to the company and hope that they don’t fire you because of economic reasons or simply because the new Human-Relations-Manager does not like you. If that happens, look for another job and hold on the illusion of job-security and work your ass off for a promotion. Don’t forget to pay your taxes, overspend on consumer goods and to ask for holidays once in a while. Repeat this for as long as you are able to breathe and by the time you hit 65 you retire. You look back and ask yourself, wasn’t there another way?

A Job is just an acronym for JUST-OVER-BROKE. In our modern society, there are so many possibilities to make a career. Thinking only about Jobs is small-minded and disrespects the progress our human race has made in the last 100 years or so. It is easier than ever to become a business owner and you don’t have to be the next Mark Zuckerberg to live comfortably. Lots of small-business-owners live a happy and fulfilling life because they decided to break out of the matrix and do something they love.

You don’t even have to own a business to follow your passion. You could be writing for a magazine here and serving coffee in your favorite bar there and still be happy with what you do. The possibilities are probably endless. You can and should absolutely try to find out what it is that you love to do if you haven’t figured it out yet. Don’t stay with that job you hate just because this is what you’ve learned.

“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them”

-Chris Grosser-

Today you could be a call-agent at an insurance company and tomorrow you could be filming short-films for celebrities and big organizations. The only one to define your future is YOU. And the only thing holding you back is, YOU!

Ego #7 – The Comfort Ego

The Comfort-Ego is our famous Comfort-Zone. The Comfort-Zone is, you might have guessed it, very comfortable. The seats are nicely cushioned here and everybody treats us nicely. Nothing bad ever happens to us and we don’t have to face our problems. We are safe and sound in this nice little zone and can cuddle with pink unicorns and neon-green-teddybears and nobody will tell us differently. We can lazily lie around here and not move all day long and we’ll feel great about ourselves.

Sounds nice but is complete bullshit. Nothing noticeable will happen within your comfort zone. To get the best out of life we have to step out of the comfort zone and face our problems. Not only face them but fight them and crush them. If that doesn’t work – at least find a way to get over, under or past our problem in whatever fashion. Because right on the other side of the problem lies the greatest treasure that life holds for us. What we get from stepping out of the comfort zone is priceless and nobody can take it from us.

You’ll never know if that girl you like is interested in you and if you can go on a date with her if you don’t step out of your comfort zone and ASK her. You’ll never know if that guy you look up to can give you some valuable advice if you don’t step out of your comfort zone and ASK him. You’ll never know if you are good at that thing you were pondering about for some time if you don’t step out of your comfort zone and TRY it out.

Will Smith once appeared on a Talkshow and told a fascinating story about how he and some friends decided to go skydiving. They were drunk when they decided to do it. So normally, it sounded like a great idea because everything sounds like a great idea when you’re drunk. The next day, he woke up and was shaking with fear because he was so afraid of what might go wrong. His friends tried to bolster up their EGO’s by acting as if they are not afraid of what is coming – so he played the game with them. Then, when it was his turn to jump, he stood on the brink of no-mans-land as he was staring down 10’000 of feet downwards. He was still afraid but then he just jumped. He described the feeling as the best feeling he’s ever had in his entire life and underlined the fact that the greatest joy in life lies outside of our comfort zones.

Ego #8 -The Fear Ego

The Fear-Ego consists of multiple fears, most notably the Fear of Failure and the Fear of Rejection. We fear failure not because we are afraid to make a mistake but because we are afraid of what might happen because of that mistake. We could be criticized and ridiculed for our failure, or even worse, we could get hurt. We have this great idea and try to execute it but as soon as the smallest thing goes against us we fear failure and retreat into our beloved comfort zone. Here, everything is fine. But also, here we live the life we have always lived and nothing will change.

We fear rejection because we want to be admired and respected. It is only natural for humans to crave for attention. In fact, it is the strongest of any human desires. We want attention and we want to be taken seriously. This is why we fear rejection. Rejection would mean that we are not getting the attention we want. Rejection would mean that we are not getting the respect and validation we so desperately need. But Rejection also means that we think differently.

Thinking differently, or thinking out-of-the-box is something wonderful. Some of the greatest inventions of mankind came from thinking out of the box. And guess what, it always involved Rejection. There will be obstacles if you dare to think differently and people will condemn you and label you as something not nice. Some will even laugh at you and point at you with their fingers – but they forget that every time you point at somebody, four fingers point at yourself.

Colonel Sanders (the Founder of KFC) was rejected over 900 times before his now-famous recipe for fried chicken was accepted. Nowadays, KFC is a worldwide brand and has probably crushed all expectations. Where are the people now that rejected good ol’ Colonel Sanders? They are probably trying to come up with their own copied recipe of KFC and try to sell it as their own. They probably act as if they always believed in Sanders. Maybe they sit around depressed, judging and criticizing all the bad things about KFC. But the one thing they are not doing is what Sanders did.

“One should remember that every failure can be a stepping stone to something better”

-Colonel Sanders-

Remember this if you are afraid of doing something, people will first criticize and judge you but as soon as you start to crush it and exceed their expectations they will act as if they always supported you (while they probably still talk shit about you behind your back).

If you enjoyed reading this article, as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it then feel free to show it to your friends or re-post it on any of your social media channels. Leave some comments in the section below and let us know your opinion about the topic or even offer some experience with it!

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