4 Simple Steps to Finding your Purpose in Life

Alright then! Let me guess, if you’ve landed on this page – you haven’t found your Life Purpose yet. Am I right?

Do not worry any further, because today I am sharing with you 4 simple steps you can use instantly to get a better understanding of what your Life Purpose is.

To be honest, many people struggle to find their true calling, some of us search an entire lifetime looking for one’s purpose. Unfortunately, not many are so lucky to actually succeed in doing so. For every lucky gun out there who knew what his or her calling was since the day they came to this earth, there are thousands and thousands who simply haven’t.

Why do we even look for a Purpose in Life? Isn’t Life about simply being here and enjoying our relatively short stay? Well, the answer is both yes and no. Because yes, we are here to simply be (that’s why we are human BEINGS) – but also no, because there’s more to life than just “being here”.

There’s gotta be something we came here to do, otherwise, we probably wouldn’t even be here.

Now I personally believe that everybody’s got his/her specific reason for being here. I believe that everybody has got a special set of skills, abilities, and talents which he or she should show the entire world. We are descendants from the stars, so it is only right if we become stars ourselves, right?

The tricky thing though is, to actually find that reason. We are so conditioned by school, parents, surroundings, our job, etc. that we pay very little attention to the true reason for our existence. We become so obsessed with finding the right job, choosing the proper education, finding our significant other, etc. that we simply forget to look inside us.

Through this fast-paced and fast-changing society we put so much value on outer ward things that we forget there’s an internal world too. Finding our true calling doesn’t have to be hard and it surely doesn’t have to take an entire lifetime.

Check and see which one of the following steps resonates best with you and you’ll probably have a big portion of your Life Purpose figured out already.

Now let me make clear that there is almost certainly more than just one Purpose in Life. We are not robots, we are humans. We change from time to time. What has mattered 2 years ago does not have to matter today anymore. Therefore, we probably have more than just one Purpose in this Life. As we grow and develop, we might change priorities and pursue different paths – and that is totally OK to do so!

Accept that everything is in constant motion and nothing really stays the same. Find something that gets you excited inside and go after it, you’ll find out if it is truly your calling or not when you are DOING things. This is because we learn by DOING not by THINKING. That’s it – we’re pragmatic lumps of flesh and we love to figure out how things work by actually doing things.

Okay, enough for the introduction. Let’s dive into 5 Simple Steps to Finding Your Purpose in Life!

Option #1 – Back to The Future

The first simple step you could take in order to find your Life Purpose is very simple and straightforward. Go back in time and find out what you loved to do when you were still a child. You know, that state of mind when you weren’t yet poisoned with negative thinking and people telling you that you are not good enough. Back then when you simply did what you enjoyed doing and did not let yourself tell that you can’t. Back then when you gave zero fucks about other people’s opinions.

You could take out an old fotoalbum to check for Anomalies. Is there something you see yourself doing in the majority of the pictures? Maybe you see yourself playing a kitchen-chef a lot of the time, maybe you see yourself enjoy being in front of the camera? There’s a lot of answers your past can give you because life is to be lived forwards but can only be understood backwards.

You could also think about checking out some of those old tapes when your parents used to film you just being you. Maybe you’ll find something interesting there in those recordings. I mean, when you enjoyed it when you were a child there is a high chance that it could be something that was absolutely MEANT to be! Some kids loved to draw ever since they could think, so who knows if they can’t be a fantastic artist?

Another thing to consider is simply talking to your parents. They’re the ones who’ve put up with all your awesomeness and also silliness. Also, they’ll probably have a way better memory than you about your own past. You probably won’t remember your entire childhood but they surely do. Ask them if there was anything that you loved doing as a kid. Ask them what you were really good at and what you enjoyed on top of it.

“We are products of our past, but we don’t have to be prisoners of it.”

-Rick Warren-

Then, if you’ve come up with a couple of ideas, go back to the future (which is now) and simply start to rekindle those passions. Maybe you’ll see that some of them don’t seem that fun anymore – but maybe you’ll realize that *holy shit* you actually STILL enjoy it!

Option #2 – Listen Closely and Pay Attention

People say many many things and most of the times we are not able to keep even 20% of what they said in our minds. Not everything said to you should be put on a scale, but there’s a high chance that you’ve been given clear hints to your Life Purpose without you even noticing it!

This is because others see us in a totally different light then we see ourselves. They see things we are not able to see. They notice things about us we don’t notice. And since they are not in our minds, they are not blinded by the false-beliefs that we are not good enough for it.

Have you ever heard one of your friends or relatives say something like “why don’t you become an actor?”. Well, probably, they’ve seen some potential in your acting skills and in their opinion, it seemed credible. So why not give it a shot?

If you can’t remember anybody ever saying anything like that to you then pay good attention from now on. Listen closely to what suggestions are brought to you. This is free feedback and doesn’t cost you a penny!

Simply be yourself and register if anybody drops hints about something you’re good at (something you probably haven’t thought about yet). Do remember to filter out all the bullshit they throw at you (e.g. all the criticism, hate and down-talk) and focus on the good things they say.

 “When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.”

-Dalai Lama-

Sometimes the answer is hidden in plain sight and we have been so busy to not pay attention to it. Running around like a headless chicken in life prevents you from seeing where your feet are going.

Option #3 – Gazing and Fantasizing

We all have been there. Something is just so plain boring that we start to look out of the window and fantasize about something really crazy. We picture ourselves being a freakin’ rockstar, performing in front of ten thousands of people. We see ourselves doing crazy shit that we wouldn’t ever deem possible. But wait a minute!

This could be a sign from our internal world that there’s something that excites our limbic system. Energy never lies, so when you catch yourself gazing into nothingness – thinking about being the next Jamie Oliver – chances are high that this is a real opportunity to grasp.

Take some notes and write down all the silly things that come to your mind whenever you feel bored, or are commuting in traffic. This is highly practical because we tend to forget a lot of things after a very short period.

This way, you’ll at least have a written proof of that thought actually coming to your mind. Collect those ideas and go after the one that excites you the most. We only have this one life, so why not try to absolutely rock it?

There’s a reason these ideas come to your mind. Everything we ever need to succeed in this life is already within us. Kids have a bright imagination and can easily build an entire reality simply by thinking about something.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should try to become the next Batman (although you would possess the potential to actually do so), but if you can SEE it in your mind you can also BE it in reality. I guess it’s true when they say “you are what you think you are”.

“Fantasy mirrors desire. Imagination reshapes it”

-Mason Cooley- 

There is no such thing like reality because everybody has his own reality. What you think to be true, actually becomes true, because you THINK it is true. What you think to be a LIE, becomes a LIE, because -guess what – you THINK it is a lie. Mindboggling? Yes, it is, but also awesome.

Option #4 – The Negative Approach

Sometimes in life, we find out what we want to do by not doing what we want to do. Sounds complicated? It is not.

If you’ve ever driven in your car and missed a turn, you know what I am talking about. You might have missed that turn, so now you are going in the wrong direction, but by going in the wrong direction you automatically think about how you can get back on track. You start to look at alternative paths to take you to your destination. You start to think about how you can get to where you actually wanted to be.

Maybe you can simply make a U-Turn and go back. Maybe you have to take another route which takes slightly longer but will eventually also get you there.

In Life, it is no different. You might go in the wrong direction, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick to it. You can always turn around and look for another way. There are almost always alternative paths that bring you to your destination. The negative approach takes advantage of this by showing you what you WANT by doing what you DON’T WANT.

Many people go to a job they absolutely hate. They complain about the boss, their co-workers, the customers and the wind casually blowing in their face. But when it comes to actually change something about their circumstances they come up with a myriad of excuses why they can’t change their situation.

This is not only wrong, but it is also stupid. Instead of taking the negative approach and first of all realize “oh wait, I actually don’t enjoy this job” and secondly think about “what would I actually enjoy doing” they go into complain-mode and never change things.

“Never be discouraged, because every wrong turn attempt, when left behind you, is another step forward taking you closer to your goals.”

-Thomas A. Edison-

Imagine being in a restaurant and ordering a plate and when it is served, you realize you don’t like it. Would you eat it even though you can’t stand the taste of it? Or would you kindly ask the waiter if he could order you something different because you don’t like the dish?

This is not even a disrespect to the chef, maybe the dish tastes awesome to somebody else, but for you, it just wasn’t right. Just because something sucks in your opinion, doesn’t mean that the entire world shares your point of view.

So yes, you actually can find out what you WANT TO DO by acknowledging the things you DON’T LIKE TO DO.

Bottom Line

The answer to so many questions in life already lies within us. We have to learn how to listen to ourselves and pay close attention to the feeling part of our existence. There’s a reason why we have a gut-feeling and why it is still working amazingly precise. If you haven’t found your Purpose to this Life yet, start to use one or several of the presented approaches. I guarantee you, you will get answers!

“Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you”

Matthew 7:7

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10 thoughts on “4 Simple Steps to Finding your Purpose in Life

  1. Adrian Holland says:

    Thank you for your wonderful insightful article.

    Before I discuss the content could I possibly take the opportunity to point out a slight mistake in your article. The title is clear and correct, however you have this in your first paragraph;’ I am sharing with you 5 simple steps you can use instantly’. I think that you may want to correct this.

    As for the content I find myself unsure, as I spent several years chasing a career path in a sector that i loved, thoroughly believing that i was serving mine ( and a higher purpose), and that through this search i would find both satisfaction and happiness. I spent an enormous amount of time planning my career step by step, and over time i fulfilled my ambitions career wise. But did that leave me feeling happy? The short answer was obviously no.

    A friend of mine had formed himself a parallel career to mine, but in a much more helter skelter kind of way, his achievements were much less impressive than mine and yet he had not only reached the same ( or a very similar) level and he was blissfully happy and in contrast to myself looking forward to his next challenge. Which he had no idea in what form it would come to him, or even when. Whereas I knew exactly what and when my next challenge was, and to be truthful I was facing it with a considerable amount of dread.

    My friend sat me down and explained that he got so much more of a sense of achievement from his challenges and physically and emotionally looked forward to the next one purely and simply because he just took things as they came, without planning, structure or reason. He just threw all of his energy and knowledge at whatever challenge came his way.

    After a considerable illness I was forced from my career, and had to literally start again in another industry from scratch. I tried out my friends philosophy and sure enough, because I had left the planning and strategy behind me, I found myself once again capable of the odd dream. And sure enough I now gain immense pleasure from each and all of my achievements. I feel a purpose and I no longer procrastinate about my failure, I just feel free to learn from them and move on.

    1. Simon says:

      Hey Adrian! Thanks for noticing that mistake – I just corrected it 😉

      What you mention in your story is something I can really relate to, which is that by listening to the way we FEEL about doing something we can sensor if it is something we actually enjoy doing. And you have dropped another gold nugget with by less planning and less focusing on every single detail and every next move we can probably produce way better results. That is because we then don’t get caught up in a rather boring routine and therefore start to lose interest in the task. What a great reminder to be less thoughtful and calculating in life!

  2. Stanley Loper says:

    Recently I experienced quite an upheaval in my life.  So, this is a relevant topic for me.  I found your post engaging and informative. And I agree with some of the thoughts laid down.  Though I don’t like to use the thought negative when it comes to life’s direction and choices, you are right in using it the way you do, that is in connection with recognizing “wrong turns” and correcting the situation.  The important part is to keep moving forward in the direction you plan unless that direction proves untenable.  Affiliate marketing is part of my new direction and the idea is to use my passion for my niche to keep me going.

    1. Simon says:

      Hey Stanely! Thanks for sharing with us your opinion. God made us move forward because he wants us to explore ourselves and our path. We should never regret anything we did because what has happened in the past makes us what we are today – however, we can learn from the feelings we head when doing certain things and from that we can learn what is best for us. I’m glad you could find a new direction in life and that you can do it with loads of passion!

  3. Alex says:


    this was interesting! Your post really gives many possibilities and angles to choose from. I especially liked the “negative approach”, not because I think it is the best one, but because I had never seen things from this perspective! Going the wrong way to find the right one is something we do all the time, but doing it consciously makes us think about it more actively. Besides, it makes the wrong path easier to go if you know it is just to find your true purpose.

    1. Simon says:

      Hey Alex! The negative approach might not be the best one, just like you said. However, I think it is something vital because through conditioning from our parents, school, teachers, friends and so on – most of us somehow end up doing something we actually never wanted to do but something that was just implanted on us. That is why it can be pretty helpful to simply appreciate going in the wrong direction and listening to your inner world, which can then give you hints of what you’d probably enjoy way more!

  4. Tamara says:


    Your 4 simple steps to finding your purpose in life post was very interesting and reminded me about my own journey (thus far). One example, using step 4: The Negative Approach (that I didn’t know about until reading your article) I’d like to share.  

    For many years, I knew “someday” I would attend college to become a nurse. I come from a family of nurses (mom, sister, aunts, cousins). I enjoy caring for and helping people. No brainer, right?

    Wrong! I tested and applied and was accepted to a fine nursing program. I settled into a routine and my studies, but HATED how I felt day in and day out. I kept thinking “I don’t want to be a nurse, but what else can I do? It’s always been my plan to be a nurse.” 

    When I finally went back to school, I realized nursing wasn’t right for me. So, instead of continuing on a path knew wasn’t right for me, I adjusted my thinking, researched other options, and veered onto another road. And I am SO happy I did! I completed a bachelor of science degree and master of science degree in the area I truly love. I’m still caring for and helping people, but not as a nurse. 

    The lessons we learn in life (whether on purpose or due to making a mistake) are all vital to finding one’s purpose. 

    I appreciate your engaging and helpful thoughts here. 


    1. Simon says:

      Hey Tamara, thanks for opening up and sharing this insightful story. I totally agree with you that all the lessons in life we learn are poised to help us find our true nature again. For me, the negative approach has also helped me a lot in finding out what I actually enjoy doing because I have done things in my life that I did not enjoy that much. I’m glad to hear that it worked out for you and that we can take your story as a proof for that these steps can truly work!

  5. AnnetteCristina says:

    This is a much-needed topic as I’m sure I’m in good company when I say, I’ve always been floundering through life looking for a purpose. The lucky ones identify their purpose early in life but I suspect that by and large, many folks hit a midlife crisis still wondering. I’m in my mid-fifties and although I’m a fine artist at heart, the idea of living as one was quickly extinguished by my parents while in school.  I did revisit in back in 2000-2004 while raising my children and had good success but even then it was not enough to live on. I expect to be able to pick it up again when I retire.

    1. Simon says:

      Thank You, Anette, for sharing this insight with us! It is true that it’s not that simple as stated in the steps above to just have that purpose and go for it and magically you live the dream – but I believe that going after what your HEART feels is right for you is never a bad choice. I wish to see you going one more time after that art thing you mentioned!


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