3 Traits Of Highly Successful People

Highly successful people are able to achieve unbelievable great results. They do it and they make hard look easy. Whether it’s a Connor McGregor who made it from absolute nobody to probably the most famous UFC-Fighter in History or a Tony Robbins who never had proper education but still managed to not only become the Worlds’ #1 Life-Coach but also a role model and game changer when it comes to Entrepreneurship – they seem to have something in common.

These kinds of people come from different backgrounds and hall made it to the top on their own, individual paths. What they have in common are certain Traits, Habits or Mindsets (call them whatever you like) which allowed them to get to that level. They all started from ground-zero and although you might question if they had something God-given, you can’t question that they worked hard for it.

Talent might play a small part in how successful you become but attitude and willpower do a way better job. You could have all the talent in the world but if you didn’t have the willpower to do something with it and didn’t have the attitude to actually display your talents – you’d never amount to shit. On the other hand, you could have absolutely no talent at all but with hard and both smart work, dedication and the will to reach your goal – you’d get there.

So today’s article is dedicated to 3 specific Traits of highly successful people. There are without any doubts many more traits and you can and should always seek to educate yourself. However, in this article, we’ve filtered out what we consider to be the Top 3 Traits.

Trait #1 – The Hunger

Being hungry is probably the most effective trait you could imagine having. Honestly, you could forget about all the other traits and forget about intelligence, talent and timing. All you need is the hunger. The hunger needs to be so big that you don’t allow yourself to make excuses. When you’re hungry for your goal you will work for it and you will not shy away from doing whatever it takes.

You probably can relate to this feeling if you think about the last time you’ve been craving for feed. When you really feel the hunger you are going to get some food and you’re not going to waste any time because that void in your stomach keeps on grumbling. You have one goal in mind – to eat – and you take the necessary steps to ease that feeling This is in heavy contrast to when you just feel like you’re in for a snack. You’re not really hungry, you are just merely interested. You don’t put the effort in it and if you don’t get your snack it doesn’t matter that much. See the difference already?

“Stay hungry, stay foolish”

-Steve Jobs-

Hunger relates to work ethic and symbolizes the attitude you have when you are working on your goals. It means that you will give it your all and not just try half-heartedly. Think of it as your fire that keeps your desires burning. It is the fuel to your ambitions and the driving factor on your path to your goals. Being hungry means you really, really want it badly.

Tony Robbins was hungry because he couldn’t afford himself an education. He educated himself and read over 700 books. He reached out to people who were way more successful than him. He knew what it means to eat shit and not be able to cover your basic expenses. But he was hungry enough to get out of the dirt. If you look at this man now, you can only have respect and admiration for what he has achieved.

Trait #2 – The Education

We’re not talking about traditional education like college or university. We’re talking about self-education. If you are dedicated to acquiring the skills necessary to do what you dream about doing – you’ll educate yourself on it. No school or university will ever be able to teach you all the skills. Further, what is taught in school is already predefined and sometimes outdated. There’s no guarantee that just because you got your degree that you will have a stellar career in your field or even get a job.

Today’s schooling system is rigged and doomed to fail. There are more and more different courses that are offered but most of them lack practical experience. It is saddening to read about graduates who’ve spent 4-5 years earning their degree, sacrificing boatloads of money and time only to be left out because they “lack experience”. It is estimated, that around 70% of graduates don’t work in the field they’ve graduated in or can’t get a job there. Many courses sound nice but don’t actually deliver any real-world experience.

What makes you think that the system will provide you with the necessary knowledge?

The answer is: nothing. It simply won’t. Nobody owes you anything and neither the government nor your educational system is obliged to give you an easy life. You have to make yourself knowledgeable. You can study on your own terms by reading books, listening to podcasts or hanging out with people who’ve done what you want to do. Life is the best teacher you can have because unlike traditional school, it teaches you painful truths instead of beautiful lies.

If you’ve studied and analyzed the careers of many successful people and billionaires you’d realize that most of them never had a proper education. They didn’t go to a fancy university and they didn’t graduate with super good grades. Heck, some of them never even finished school at all! Some of them are dropouts and some worked in very basic jobs before they made it big. This makes you question, why you’d need “regular” education at all. Where did they get the knowledge they have then?

“In school, you’re taught a lesson and then you’re given a test ; in Life, you’re given a test and then you’re taught a lesson”


The answer lies in self-education. Knowledge is freely accessible nowadays through the rise of social media and technology. You can browse the web and probably find valuable advice without having to spend too much time. Books do an even better job because you can get a whole lifetime of experience for a couple of bucks. The amount of value a book can give you is tremendous if you think about the fact that somebody dedicated his life into putting his knowledge into a couple of hundred pages. If you don’t have time to read you could also consider Podcasts as a valuable alternative. They are unbelievably handy because you can listen to them whilst doing something because they don’t require your full attention.

But be aware of the danger that comes with knowledge. You’ve probably heard the saying “Knowledge is Power”. Well, to be honest, this is bullshit. Or at least, it is not completely true. There’s a important piece missing and that’s Execution. Knowledge is only potential power, similar to a Ferrari sitting in a parking lot. Only with execution, it becomes power.

Knowledge + Execution is the key formula to success.

Trait #3 – The Service

Last but not least, let’s talk about the Service. We humans are here to serve for each other. Yes, you read that right! We’re here to serve, to serve our community, our fellow brothers and sisters and if you are religious, to serve God. Successful people are aware of this fact and that is whey they serve with passion. Mark Zuckerberg served humanity by giving them a possibility to connect with people from the other end of the world without having to be there physically. Mahatma Gandhi served humanity by maintaining an attitude of peace and no-violence and inspired generations to come.

Serving doesn’t mean being a slave. Neither does it mean doing everything others ask from you. Service means offering something that will help another human being or make their life easier. It could be something simple like just brightening up their day and making them smile. There are thousands of ways you could offer a valuable service to mankind, don’t let your own limitations and doubts make you think that nobody is interested in what you have to offer. The law of averages states that for no matter what it is you do, there will be a certain amount of people who are interested in it.

“No one has ever become poor by giving”

-Anne Frank-

So it is obvious that the most valuable attitude you could develop is an attitude of CARE. Yes, it is that simple – just care for others. You probably know one or two big companies who have awful customer service, yet they claim to care about their clientele. They might care about money, growth, and business but they don’t care about their customers. Honestly, customer service nowadays has become a rarity. You’re fed off with automatic replies and are probably forced to wait 10-15 minutes until you get to talk to somebody who possesses the IQ of a loaf of bread.

This should emphasize why it is utterly important to care for others. If you are in business and you are dealing with customers on a daily basis, try to implement real interest and care for them. At the end of the day, in any business, the customer is the one paying your bills – not your employees. If you’re thinking about starting a business, question yourself if you are ready to care for others. Only thinking about yourself will probably also get you somewhere and you might even make some good money on the way but you’re capping your potential.

Help others becoming what they want to become and getting what they want and they will help you in getting what you want. It is giving and taking, and if you are a strong giver you will always get something back.

Let us know in the comment Section below what you think about this topic! Do you agree with these 3 Traits or do you think differently? Have you has some experience with them and maybe even a story you’d like to share? 

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